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Cafe + Outdoor

Cafe + Outdoor

Perfect for quick bites
or open air dining.

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Bar + Lounge

Bar + Lounge

Products for taprooms
to chic cocktail lounges.

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Casual Dining

Casual Dining

Durable products for
dining halls to break rooms.

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Fine Dining

Fine Dining

Elegant chairs and tables
for more formal meals.

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Today, dining spaces serve a myriad of different purposes.
That's why we've designed a varied and nimble collection of
cafe + outdoor, bar + lounge, casual and fine dining options
that set the stage for everything a dining space can be.

Bryn Chair

Nosh Table

Popp Chair

Bourne Side Table

Moto Pull-up Table

Nosh Squircle Table

Florette Chair

Americana Chair

Fresco Table Base

Melrose Chair

Menu Table

Florette chairs with Nosh tables

Loli chairs

Popp chairs

Skipp chairs

Bourne stools with Bourne tables

Wink mini stools with Reef tables

Trinity chairs, Prep/Fresco tables, Bourne stools
and Reef layered tables

Hoopz chairs and stools with Nosh tables

Bryn chairs with Nosh tables

Popp chairs with Bourne side table and
Moto pull-up table

Skipp chairs with Menu/Fresco table

Melrose chairs with Menu tables

Florette chairs with Bourne table

Pier chairs with Nosh table

Romy tables with Jude chairs and stools

Bourne Stool

Luci Lounge Seating

Luci Occasional Table

Hanover Stool

Fresco Table Base

Menu Round Table Top

Oxley Bench

Esque Lounge Seating

Olympian Ottoman

Bourne Side Table

Boston Chair

Jefferson Table

Knox Stool

Avini stools and Bryn stools with menu tables

Bison stools

Wink mini stools

Wink chairs with Menu/Fresco Tables
and Connect Lounge

Wink stools

Bourne stools and Luci lounge with
Luci occasional tables

Hanover stools with Menu/Fresco tables

Esque Lounge, Olympian ottomans, Bourne
side tables and Oxley benches

Boston chairs with Jefferson tables

Knox stools

Esque Lounge

Oxley Benches

Ansen Barstools

Ansen barstools & counter stools with Nosh tables

Jude Stool

Romy Round Table

Jude Chair


Romy Squircle Table

Jude Chair

Nosh Table

Hoopz Chair

Hoopz Stool

Menu Table

Avalon Chair

Melrose Chair

Nosh Table

Knox chair with Nosh table

Milk chairs with Prep table

Bryn stools with Nosh tables

Romy tables with Totem pods

Jude chairs with Romy tables

Knox chairs and stools with Nosh tables

Jude chairs and stools with Romy tables

Hoopz stools with Reef layered table and Indie lounge

Bryn chairs and stools with Reef and Nosh tables

Hoopz chairs and stools with Nosh tables

Avalon chairs with Menu tables

Melrose chairs with Nosh tables

Popp chairs with Nosh table

Trinity chairs with Nosh tables

Avini Guest Chair

Romy Round Table

Bourne Stool

Menu X-base Table

Gallery Chair

Avini Guest Chair

Menu Bravo Base Table

Nosh Table

Tara Guest Chair

Fresco Table Base

Madison Guest Chair

Menu Square Table Top

Avini stools with Reef table

Knox chairs with Nosh tables

Harbor guest seating with Brogan table

Portrait guest seating with Nosh tables

Avini guest seating with Romy table

Bourne stools

Avini seating with Menu tables

Tara guest seating with Nosh tables

Madison guest seating with Menu/Fresco tables


Light scale, stackable, and weather-ready materials come to life in our cafe and outdoor families. Perfect for quick-stop dining and casual pull-up-a-chair spaces.


Style speaks first with lush fabrics, rich woods, and upscale finishes.
Set the tone for a swanky space or keep things more traditional and comfortable.


From dining halls to break rooms, casual dining spaces deserve a shrewd design eye.
Clean lines and colorful accents set the style, and durable materials make the good looks last.


When only a formal meal will do, only the finest choices make the cut. From perfectly coordinated chairs and tables to more unexpected pairings, elegance is always the priority.

Bourne Guest Seating

from the Bourne series

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