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Step 1

To order please specify:


  • Model number
  • Wood Finish(s), if applicable
  • Metal Finish, if applicable
  • Fabric pattern name, color and number, if applicable
  • Options, if applicable


  • Model number
  • Edge designator
  • Wood or laminate top
  • Wood Finish, if applicable
  • Wood Species, if applicable
  • Laminate pattern, color and number, if applicable


  • Model number
  • Wood Finish

Step 2

Completed purchase orders may be submitted via:




225 South Clay Street
Jasper IN 47546

NOTE: All inquiries and questions should be directed to your customer service team member or local sales representative. pdfClick here to locate your local Community sales representative or contact customer service at 812.482.3204 or email

Step 3

Acknowledgement will be sent via email unless other means are requested, typically within 2 to 4 business days.

If any inconsistency or incomplete information arise, our order entry team will contact you for clarification.

Examine the acknowledgment carefully and notify Community immediately of any discrepancies.