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Top leading public health and environmental organizations view indoor air pollution as one of the greatest risks to human health. Anything that is located indoors has the potential to be harmful to our health; this could include actual building material, furniture, paint on the walls, etc. Indoor air has the potential to be harmful, but doesn’t have to be.

Inhalation of formaldehyde, a toxic air contaminant, causes cancer in the region of the throat behind the nose.

What we’re doing

We’ve found a solution without compromising safety, quality or the natural beauty of wood. Applying an environmentally safe top coat, which uses urethane, as standard procedure on all finished surfaces, at all times, and at no additional cost.

Primary benefits of our DuraTex top coat:


DuraTex significantly reduces hazardous formaldehyde emissions which helps to improve the quality of the indoor air we breathe.


DuraTex was designed to meet a wide range of demanding performance and environmental standards to withstand even the heaviest wear and tear. It’s no coincidence that we find ‘durability’ in DuraTex.


DuraTex was developed to be tough and durable with special attention to appearance. Our highest priority is to seek a safe solution and to provide a finish that preserves the natural beauty of wood that our customers have come to expect.